Pre and Post Surgical Rehab

Pre-Operative Care

In the event that conservative treatment fails to resolve symptoms, a surgical procedure may be necessary or required to assist in recovery. At Southland Physical Therapy, all of our clinicians are equipped with the necessary tools to help an individual get the most out of a surgical procedure. It is important for patients to understand the benefits of a stretching, strengthening, or movement pattern retraining program in relation to their upcoming surgical procedure. We at Southland are able to prepare an individual for success prior to their surgery. This can help to expedite the healing process, and better prepare you for the negative effects that come along with any surgical procedure.

What are some of the negative effects of a surgical procedure that Southland can directly help to mitigate?

  • Improper Wound Care
  • Lack of symmetry of Left and Right sides of the body
  • Altered gait mechanics
  • Swelling/Inflammation
  • Reduced range of motion/stiffness
  • Atrophy of musculature

In theory, many of our patients should be at an increased functional level after surgery as compared to before surgery. It is our goal to ensure that individuals are stronger, more functional, and less susceptible to another injury after the procedure. This starts with realistic expectations pre and post-surgery, education on reducing habits which are detrimental to the gains made in surgery, as well as strengthening and stretching to reduce asymmetries throughout the body. We are committed to setting all of our patients up for success before any surgery, and it is important for them to know that physical therapy is just as important pre-surgery as it is post-surgery.

Post-Operative Care

Given the current advances in medicine, Southland Physical Therapy is aware of and understands the challenges faced in those individuals who undergo surgery post-operatively. Often times, when conservative care fails, surgery may be the best available option. It is imperative that individuals begin a post-operative care program within the first few weeks after a surgical procedure. It is our goal to ensure that all individuals who have recently received surgical treatment avoid the natural side effects of a procedure. At Southland, we are committed to providing the best possible outcomes after a surgical procedure so that an individual may return to the activities that they most enjoy.

What are some of the common surgical procedures we see?

  • Rotator Cuff Repair/Debridement
  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Total Knee Replacement
  • Microdiskectomy (Cervical and Lumbar Spine)
  • Lumbar Fusion/Laminectomy
  • Cervical Fusion/Laminectomy
  • Carpal Tunnel Release
  • Menisectomy
  • ACL reconstruction
  • s/p ORIF (multiple body regions)

We offer a variety of treatments to resolve the adverse effects of a surgical procedure, including but not limited to soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, stretching, cardiovascular exercise, therapeutic exercise. A common denominator among all of our post-operative patients is pain, limited range of motion, as well as reduced strength. With pain naturally comes intense muscle spasm and guarding. Southland has the tools necessary to resolve pain and muscle guarding, which can have a direct impact on a patient’s functional level. Our therapists are trained to not only address the early stages of post-operative care, but are able to improve functional ability well beyond pre-surgery levels.

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