Our Story

Southland Physical Therapy is an independently-owned, community-based private practice. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care available in physical therapy. We have a background in sports medicine and the highest levels of manual therapy in physical therapy and wanted to bring that level of professional care that NCAA Division I athletes received to the community level. We felt that there was a lack of the most highly skilled clinicians at the community level and believe that everyone deserves the best possible care.

We also want to introduce the physicians in our surrounding communities to a higher level of physical therapy in an effort to change the way they practice medicine. Based on the outcomes we produced for our referring physicians, they were able to move away from just prescribing medications to utilizing physical therapy with the goal of completely resolving physical ailments rather than masking pain with medications.

We specialize in the treatment of painful conditions, sports medicine, recovery of function, injury prevention, post surgical rehabilitation and maximizing your general well-being.

Southland Physical Therapy was established because we wanted to create an environment where people felt truly cared for and each individual's concerns would be addressed.

Our Philosophy

It is our mission to improve the overall physical health and quality of life for our patients.

We believe in the incorporation of hands-on manual therapy with therapeutic exercises, modalities, and most importantly, education of the patient in order to achieve optimum outcomes from treatment. We believe continuity of care is paramount to maximizing results. Therefore, unlike many other clinics, we strive to have the same therapist continue and complete each patient’s therapy. Complete healing requires more than just good technique. For that reason, we endeavor to make every aspect of your experience easy, with a sense of caring and with the highest level of professionalism from the first phone call to the last session.

Our Promise

  • Patient Focused - Patient care is ahead of all else; smaller clinic size for optimal patient to staff ratio.
  • High Quality Care - We believe everyone should receive the type of care we expect for our own family members.
  • Personalized Treatment - Every patient arrives at therapy with unique circumstances and needs. Each individual’s treatment is personalized to meet those needs, from the high level athlete to the senior citizen.

Our Challenge

We urge prospective patients to contact us with any questions or concerns, especially if you have received previous physical therapy or similar medical procedures which were not successful or failed to meet your expectations.

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