Why we use Custom Orthotics

We at Southland Physical Therapy believe that the lower body mechanics begin at the foot and ankle. Determining and correcting your proper gait is vital to your long term health. They offer excellent motion control without added bulk or discomfort. Footmaxx orthotics are handcrafted for people who require better foot function in everyday activities from work to play. They are firm enough to provide control, yet flexible enough to offer all-day comfort.

What Makes the Metascan Different?

Metascan analyzes a foot in motion to create a truer orthotic fit. its complete diagnostic system includes dynamic, postural and static scans to determine abnormal foot function, balance, and sway, respectively.

  • Dynamic Scan: Walking or Running
    • 150 frames per second means more accurate diagnosis and treatment.
    • Quick analysis helps patients understand the need for orthotics.
  • Postural Scan: Balance of the Body
    • Shows patient’s ability to maintain and control the body’s center of mass.
  • Static Scan: Standing
    • Captures bilateral plantar pressure distribution.
    • Use in balance testing, vestibular training, and therapeutic protocols.
  • Patient Education
    • Generates a custom report with more detailed analysis of your patients.
    • Gait so they can fully understand the need for orthotics.

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