Pre and Post Operative Surgery Tips

By Andrew Van Leuven, DPT

Importance of Pre-operative PT

It is important to prepare the body for surgical intervention. It begins with gaining an understanding of the procedure to as well as familiarizing oneself with protocol following the operation. A firm grasp on the surgical process allows you feel confident and mentally prepared for surgery. Other goals include reducing pain, inflammation and modifying activities prior to the operation to improve quality of life before the pathology is corrected. Pre-operative rehabilitation also include restoring strength, range of motion and normal movement patterns to fast track recovery after surgery.

Importance of Post-operative PT

  • ensure proper healing
    • protection of surgical graft/revision/fixation
  • manage pain/inflammation
    • reduce muscle spasm
    • restore normal joint arthrokinematics (motion)
    • restore normal muscle length
  • safe progression through strengthening/mobility exercises
  • restoration of range of motion
  • restoration of normal movement patterns to prevent re-injury
    • change old movement patterns or fear/pain avoidance movements harmful to the body.
  • safe return to daily/recreational/work activities
    • high level strength/endurance/plyometric exercise

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